A remake of the classic ZX-Spectrum game Manic Miner by Matthew Smith

Every platform should have a Manic Miner clone, so here's one for the Pico-8 :0

Keys are Left/Right arrow to move, and X to jump

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Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Cult Classic, PICO-8, Remake, Retro, ZX Spectrum


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Yup! This is Manic Miner alright! The only things missing are an ear-splitting rendition of The Blue Danube on the title screen and the 6031769 cheat!

PS: This is nitpicking, but the number of lives should start with 2 Willys with your last life represented by no Willys on the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, you still have 3 lives total, it's just seeing one Willy dancing at the bottom makes me think I still have one life left in reserve instead of none.

Nice, it's tiny, cute and colourful. I particularly love Processing Plant.
One thing I noticed is you use pixel collisions on blocks (keys, plants etc..) while the original -as opposed to pixel perfect collision on creatures- used box/block collisions on items. I keep missing keys lol

Glad you finished your port now because it was in my todo-list (I was considering 8x8 blocks and scrolling but tiny as you did is probably the best option).

Awesome port!!!

Is posible to get it executable in Windows?

Really nicely done! Always lovely to see a new version of Manic Miner. :-)

There does seem to be a missing platform on the left side of 'Abandoned Uranium Workings' though! (It's there - the collision works, you just can't see it)

Thank you for spotting that. I did think I had it covered early on in dev, but I must have deleted the conveyor sprite at some point (using old  resources probably). I've fixed it now and Ill upload an update soon.

You guys / gals are on FIRE. Love the games you crank out. And FWIW, I *DO* play the games you create. They're great conversions!

If you even want to share source for any of your games, I'd be all over that! 

Hope you have a great XMAS / Holiday and please keep up the good work! Seriously!


Following up after playing a bit more!

Feels great for the most part! Really appreciate the attention to detail and would be really interested to see how you recreated the precision of the jumps!

As a request, would a level select/continue feature be possible? As a tangent, I'd love to be able to mod in levels from weird variations of MM and if you're ever interested in collaborating on something like that let me know!

The precision of the jumps is, imo what makes it. You can knock up a remake of any game, but if you do manic miner it has to act and feel the same as the original spectrum version or it just doesn't feel right. That's why a simple platform game like this took months to write instead of just weeks. As for a level select/skip, I will look into it (could really have done with it during testing !). As for modded levels, again, something Ill look into at some point (as they are hardcoded in a weird format to cut down on tokens). For now tho, it works and im happy.



Brilliant remake and superbly executed on Pico-8.