A remake of the classic board game from the 70s

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  • Raspberry Pi


  • P8 and P8.PNG cart files

Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Retro


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Something went wrong.

Hi, thanks for posting. Can you tell me what went wrong ? 

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The top answer has 4 black pegs for a reply. The replies below it don't follow logically. The reply to row 5 is where something first went wrong. A reply can't be 3 blacks and 1 white. That's why I omitted the yellow on row 6, to see what would happen. I then just tried different combinations.

Hi, sorry I don;t follow. If the answer is Grey Yellow Grey Black, then the code then the code works. Did you finish the game to see what the code was ?

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I got 4 black pegs. I thought I had the answer. I've played a lot of the Mastermind games through the decades. I own 4 different Invicta boards. The 1st computer game I completed was a Mastermind clone in BASIC. I wrote code for a Grand Mastermind clone in C++. I have a solid notion of how the game works. If yours works differently than all the other games I've played, I can't figure out your interpretation of the rules. How can a reply be 3 black pegs and one white? Why don't the replies match the progression?

Hi, I can see what's happened here. Of the numerous testers I've had playing this, not one of them mentioned it. I've used white pegs for correct position/colour and black for just correct colour, whereas the original game is the other way round. My apologies for this, but like I said, not one of my testers told me this was wrong. I shall be having harsh words with them. Also, just so you know, I've been coding games in various languages thought-out the years starting way back in 1978 in assembler. But I guess we can all make mistakes.